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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  March 3, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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and ivan hoe. protecting free speech doesn't always feel right. we're reminded of that. a father went all the way to the supreme court to fight for his son, marine killed in iraq, but ultimately we still know that protesters are going to be able to be at military funerals. we have the response from a heartbroken military father. >> it's not the way al snyder hoped it would turn out. he was hoping to spare other military families of the same heartache he went through. this legal fight began about five years ago when members of the westboro baptist church showed up at al snyder's son's funeral. matthew was killed in iraq. church members shoutedded their hurtful message that matthew died because of this country's acceptance of homosexuality. yesterday's supreme court ruling now means westboro baptist church has a license to picket funerals no matter how hurtful their message is. a member of that the church says the ruling will only
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intensify their picketing. al snyder says the most painful part is he has to pay the church $100,000. >> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. >> today marks the fifth anniversary that matthew snyder was killed in iraq. we have more on our website at if you go to the main slide show, it's the first story there, supreme court allows funeral protests. also if you go to our facebook fan page, we want to know, should the supreme court ever draw a line with free speech? we're hearing from lot of you. deborah says, it's common decency to leave people alone when they're grieving over the loss of a child or a loved one. westboro baptist church members have no soul. they give christianity a bad name. we're hearing from a lot of other people. if you would like to write in,
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go to our facebook fan page. yesterday the supreme court ruled in favor of the westboro baptist church which protects their free speech meaning it's likely they'll be going around the country to protest more military funerals in the future. back to you. a developing story for you, two more military funerals being planned. the pentagon said two soldiers assigned to the aberdeen proving ground have been killed in afghanistan. they died monday. they were attacked by enemy forces with an i.e.d. both were assigned to the 6 3rd explosive ordnance battalion. also, there is word that the internet billboard campaign set to catch the man known as the east coast rapist already sparking some leads. authorities believe the man behind those rapes and other
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attacks on 17 women since 1997, they say they have the case linked through dna. just after that site hit the web, it's already generated 44,000 hits. police are hoping someone recognizes the suspect based on these drawings. the first sketch is the suspect from 1998 after an attack in pg county. there could be some action in annapolis today on that same sex marriage bill. jill carter accomplished bringing attention to school funding in baltimore city. she has decided that she's ready to vote on the same sex marriage bill which is right now in the house judiciary committee. all signed point to today, but that's not set in stone. the bill needs twelve yeses and twelve delegates have said
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publicly that they're in support legislation if it gets out of committee. the clock is ticking. we're less than 24 hours before the nfl's collective bargaining agreement with players and the union expires. if no agreement is reached, the worst case scenario is there may be no pro football for 2011. the league and the players union will have a last minute bargaining effort this morning. the nfl players are highlighting what a work stoppage would mean for the economy in nfl cities. >> this is going to hurt your parking lot attendance, restaurants, hotels, everybody in the city hurts when this happens. >> the current labor deal expires at 11:59 tonight. here's some good news. the i.r.s. may owe you some money. they have more than $27 million in unclaimed cash for more than
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25,000 people in maryland from 2007. about half of the refunds are worth close to $650. time is running out to get that money. you get three years to claim it and if you don't, the treasury keeps it. if you are due for an old refund and you have to file a return for 2007 and you have to do that by april 18, and find out how to file on an old tax form by calling this number that's on the screen. we're still working for you this tax season. on our website we have the top ten tax mistakes that could end up costing you more money. if you are curious, go to click on the money tab. entering break is weeks away. scammers are on the prowl trying to get your cash. >> we'll tell you what to look
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out for to protect your money. a frederick girl gets to shush the first lady. we'll tell you why when we return.
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a fourth grade are from frederick gets to shush the first lady there a new public service announcement promoting michelle obama's national fitness campaign. mrs. obama's involvement was kept secret from the participating families until the night before the video was shot last month. the spot shows mrs. obama watching --
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let give it up to the girls and keep that theme going. yesterday i was at the ltrc tots program in baltimore county. two girls blew wind speed over 20 miles per hour. how about that? we raised some money for the cool kids campaign learning center. i want to thank miss lee, miss kristen, miss sharon for joining us. good job and good time with the kids. baltimore county by perry hall 23 degrees. we're 27 in baltimore under a clear sky. we expect clear skies throughout the day. we'll be stuck with our high of 39 this afternoon. here's kim with traffic. i-95, no major problems from mountain road to the whiteman boulevard area and then to the beltway and to the
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895 split. the harrisburg expressway, all lanes open. no delays, very light volume. we do have a house fire in baltimore city that could block some lanes near the intersection of winston avenue and ivan hoe avenue. a water main break repair in pikesville is affecting the southbound lanes of park heights avenue at slade avenue. left lane is blocked. back to you. today newt gingrich expected to talk about a possible run for the gop presidential nomination. he has a news conference at 2:00 p.m. today in georgia. he served in congress for 20 years until he retired in 1999. his hair of put on ebay to raise money for charity. the online auction is now over. >> coming up, we'll tell you how much someone shelled out for a lock of justin bieber's hair.
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look at the 34507b. you can find almost anything out tube. this guy is a star this morning. we'll introduce you to the newest sensation. ñw>yñ[=]q
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the calendar has just flipped to march and for many young adults that means spring break is on the brain. >> students are usually trying to stretch their dollars to get to sunny destinations at a good price. that can also make them a tag for scammers. >> spring break is just around the corner, but before you get too carried away thinking about a great deal on fun in the sun, keep in mind that students looking for cheap deals on travel cab prime target for scammers. so do your research. parents and students should read the fine print before
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committing to a payment. if an offer sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. vet companies and lodging using websites like the better business bureau. be skeptical of any pictures on a website. what you the see is not necessarily what you get. sin most spring break destinations stay popular year in and year out, students can ask other class men about their experiences. when you are ready to make a deposit or other payment, do it with a credit card which offers you more consumer protections if services are not rendered. once you are on the way, students should let someone back home whether it's mom, dad, another relative or a friend, know where they're staying, relevant phone numbers.
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it's mighty chilly. we have a clear sky. domino's sugar sign still lit up. we have essentially a look at what's going to be a winter- type day after hitting the 60s yesterday. we're at 27 this morning. 17 in pittsburgh. that's very chilly air. the source of our air continuing to flow out of the north and the northwest. it will shift back in that direction later today. high pressure in control driving that canadian cooldown in our direction. that's what we're dealing with today. we basically got clear skies, a few clouds up to the north. it will be all about that win flow today. the source of the air is still sitting up across canada. there is snow sitting across the great lakes. it may throw more clouds our way tomorrow and into the
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weekend. we're dominated by a northern pattern here. we're looking at not much activity until we get to the start of the weekend. then we break this pattern as we move in some milder air. we'll have more clouds and some rain over the weekend. until then we're dry and cold. today our high 39. that's almost ten degrees below normal and definitely much cooler than the 62 we had yesterday. tonight clear skies, 20s. we expect that coal air to ease up a bit. we'll pull back to 48 degrees with variable clouds and seasonable levels tomorrow. we expect increasing clouds and on saturday there will be a threat of showers but primarily it will be toward the evening hours. there will be a breeze. we'll hit the upper 50s. best chance of rain saturday night through most of sunday. highs in the 50s.
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good news for mta riders. service is on schedule. no reported service delays right now. 895 south of the i-95 split heading toward the harbor tunnel, traffic is moving nicely. no reported delays toward the tunnels. we do have some fire activity in baltimore city at winston avenue and eve an hoe avenue. you can see some lanes blocked there. southbound park heights avenue at slade avenue water main repairs are blocking the left lane. time to say happy birthday to all you celebrating a birthday today. jenna sent in this picture of her son landon who turns one today. happy birthday, landon. his four-year-old big sister watches every day. aden turns 6 today. he is from owings mills.
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happy birthday, aden. also celebrating a birthday today, happy birthday to ruth etta smith turning 93 today. her granddaughter sent in this picture. she's in the red jacket. happy birthday. >> if you have interesting photos or birthdays, anything that might pique our interest, send those to us. provide all pertinent information so we can get the facts straight. we have some exclusive pictures to show you. this is from raid are are a online disom showing charlie sheen placing his children in a car as he surrenders custody of his twins. their mother brooke mueller filed for emergency custody and a restraining order. cbs says they have cancelled "two and a half men" because of his erratic behave lately. the queen of soul has a new
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look, losing weight. aretha franklin says she's dropped 85 pounds and is one dress size from her ultimate goal. >> i've left that behind. i'm feeling wonderful. i'm feeling great. i could not be feeling any better. >> she says she's returning to the stage. she has a booked concert at the new york seneca niagara casino on march 28. 40,000 dollars, somebody shelled out $40,000 for a lock of justin bieber's hair. it sold on ebay. it was to raise money for an animal rescue organization. the auction started on the ellen degeneres show. she tweeted that all she wanted for her birthday was a lock of his hair. the teen star granted her wish. the bidding war began. the winner was an online casino golden just a few weeks from now,
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dance fever will start sweeping the nation again. >> we have the odds for you here. just days after season twelve cast was revealed, odds were released of who will win. >> kendra wilkinson is the odds on favorite at 3-1. next ralph macchoi, then hines ward, romeo and sugar ray leonard. >> then wendy williams, chris jericho and mike catherwood. it's been a hit show for years. now life in baltimore is imitating art. >> how some students are trying their hand at solving crimes. >> it's christmas in march. steve jobs doing his best santa
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claus impersonation to announce the new release date for the ipad 2.
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new for you, video just back to the abc 2 newsroom, north balleted more an early morning fire, the fire broke out inside a home on winston avenue around 4:00. no one lived in the home. it did not affect any occupied homes nearby. i guess you can call it csi baltimore. students from all over balance more city are hard at work solving crimes in a unique exercise. the group is working with city police learning the ins and outs of police work. students can experience everything from tracking the suspects to prosecuting the crimes. >> most teens do not get this experience of actually doing hands-on things with detective work. i've always grown up looking be at sherlock holmes. i've always liked the mystery
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behind it. >> after the teens build their case, the next phase will take them to the courtroom. students will try their case with the help of the city state's attorney's office. good morning to francesca who just tweeted me and said she woke up 2 1/2 hours early and instead of catching up on her dvr, she's watching us. >> thank you. >> i wish we could are replay yesterday. this is all we got. sorry. it's chilly. stay in as long as you can. temperatures in the 20s this morning. we get were up to 39 this afternoon. we have a cool breeze out of the north. we'll have plenty of sunshine. it's going to look just like yesterday, but it will feel very different. tomorrow high of 48.
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that's near normal. partly cloudy. we'll warm it up to 58 saturday. most of saturday should be ok. the afternoon, evening we start dfg some showers. a steadied rain expected on sunday. that could be a washout. mid-50s. showers end early monday morning with temperatures trying to stay in the low 50s. back to you. >> thank you. apple unveils the ipad 2. there is a new website for you to track the royal wedding. the wait for the new ipad is over. apple's c.e.o. steve jobs took to the stage wednesday town veil the ipad 2. it's thinner, faster and lighter than the original. >> my favorite improvement on this new ipad is the camera. now people can use facetime, you can do skype, so i think that's a great feature.
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a lot of people expected it. they delivered. >> the ipad 2 goes on sale next friday. prices are the same as the original starting at $499. royal wedding watchers now have a new way to get the latest details on william and kate's big day. there is an official website that features exclusive content. the site features links to important information for visitors.


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